Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wonderful California

Last week we had a wonderful get away to California. We left Tuesday night and came home Friday afternoon. Way too fast, but we are sure glad we were able to go. 

 Overall Beckham did great on the flight. The only other time he has flown was when he was 6 weeks old to Chicago. He didn't have any melt downs, but it did require constant entertainment. 

 Our first day we went to Knott's Berry Farm. Doug's sister Brooke was there with her cute kids and they all had a fabulous time. Beckham was able to go on a bunch of different rides and he would get the cutest smile while they were going.

 This little ride was my favorite because you have to pump yourself around the track and he kept pumping away and looked so dang cute doing it. We made sure to put his boots on so they would give him a little extra height for the ride requirements and it worked great. 
 Napping wasn't the easiest in the park and he kept peaking his head out the back of the stroller and crying because we wouldn't let him out. Luckily Brooke is the baby whisperer and got him to finally fall asleep. 

 And I'm pretty sure some of the rides Doug enjoyed way more than the kids...

Everyone but myself and the two youngest kids went on the water rapids ride at the very end and got WET, so they were very ready to head home. I love this picture because poor Austin looks so miserable, cold, and wet and we were trying to get a picture with all the kids. My favorite line was Brooke telling her "smile and look like you are having fun" What we parents make our kids do! :)

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Autumn Nilsson said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!