Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy New Year

For New Years day my family got together and hang time-the trampoline/foam pit place. Beckham sure loves it there! He jumps into all the foam pits and loves to play with all the balls. He was not good at sharing the balls and would get this face when other little kids tried to get "his" ball. 

After jumping we gathered at my parents house for a delicious lunch. This is a common site around meal time at my parents house. All the ladies and my dad in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

It was so fun to have my brother Steven's family in town from AZ. They were hoping for snow and got their wish and lots of it! We went sledding and sadly Eliza crashed into a poll lining the stairs at Lion's Park behind my parents house. She had a big bruise on her hip, but luckily didn't get hurt any worse.
All the kids and Russ hanging out down stairs waiting to be fed :)

Doug and I have been married for 4 years! What a great time we have had so far. Doug is in charge of the even anniversaries and he planned a wonderful overnight getaway for us. Stacy and Brenda were kind enough to watch Beckham for a day while we went to SLC. We saw Les Miserables and loved the movie.
Then we ate at the Roof, a dream of Doug's! We both thought the food was delicious, but pretty pricey.  I don't think we will ever go back, but it was a very nice to try. Doug especially loved the unlimited desserts and had 7 or 8 creme brulee. That makes for one happy man!

We spent the night at the anniversary inn in the "room with a view" and Doug LOVED that our door was way cooler and nicer than all the others. I have always been weary of themed rooms and never wanted to step foot in the anniversary inn, but it was a nice stay. Our room had a fireplace and wasn't decorated with a cheesy theme. 

The best part was sleeping in with no Beckham to wake us up and having breakfast brought to us. It made for a very relaxing and wonderful getaway. 

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Shelby Kendall M. said...

I love reading your blog Tricia. It's fun to hear and see the things your family does, so I'm glad you made a resolution to write more. Mine is like a journal entry too and I like that style of story telling. Looks like you guys had a fantastic anniversary!