Saturday, January 26, 2013

CA part 2

Our second full day in CA consisted of Legoland and we had such a great time! It was perfect for the age of kids we had. It was a chilly day but we all still enjoyed the park. 
 Beckham is our little dinosaur, hatching out an egg. 
 Doug cracks me up with his picture oportunities. I don't think I would have ever thought to pose like this, but Doug just comes up right up with it!

 Beckham loved the rides and would get a huge smile on his face when they started. 
 Aunt Heidi came along with us and helped a ton with all the kids. Doug, Beckham and I stayed at her house and had such a nice time. She is the best hostess, even leaving us mints on our bed one morning! Way better than any hotel I've ever been to!

 It is amazing what they can build out of tiny lego pieces. I love this picture because Beckham always gouges at Doug's eyes when he's on his shoulders and he thinks it is so funny. 

They had a mini lego city and it was amazing! They had NYC, New Orleans, Star Wars cities, DC, and so many other places. It was really cool to see all the detail. 

 I LOVE this picture of Austin. It cracks me up


 Doug is very proud of wining this huge pokemon character. He had to knock down some bottles and he was thrilled when he got them the first try. I am just trying to figure out a way to get it out of my house now, so if there are any takers...just let me know!

 I adore Doug's mamal and papal. They are so kind and I love visiting them. I am amazed that they could put up with their house full of kids running around and still be smiling. We can't wait to visit them again sometime. 
And here is a 4 generation picture for your viewing enjoyment. 

Happy New Year

For New Years day my family got together and hang time-the trampoline/foam pit place. Beckham sure loves it there! He jumps into all the foam pits and loves to play with all the balls. He was not good at sharing the balls and would get this face when other little kids tried to get "his" ball. 

After jumping we gathered at my parents house for a delicious lunch. This is a common site around meal time at my parents house. All the ladies and my dad in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

It was so fun to have my brother Steven's family in town from AZ. They were hoping for snow and got their wish and lots of it! We went sledding and sadly Eliza crashed into a poll lining the stairs at Lion's Park behind my parents house. She had a big bruise on her hip, but luckily didn't get hurt any worse.
All the kids and Russ hanging out down stairs waiting to be fed :)

Doug and I have been married for 4 years! What a great time we have had so far. Doug is in charge of the even anniversaries and he planned a wonderful overnight getaway for us. Stacy and Brenda were kind enough to watch Beckham for a day while we went to SLC. We saw Les Miserables and loved the movie.
Then we ate at the Roof, a dream of Doug's! We both thought the food was delicious, but pretty pricey.  I don't think we will ever go back, but it was a very nice to try. Doug especially loved the unlimited desserts and had 7 or 8 creme brulee. That makes for one happy man!

We spent the night at the anniversary inn in the "room with a view" and Doug LOVED that our door was way cooler and nicer than all the others. I have always been weary of themed rooms and never wanted to step foot in the anniversary inn, but it was a nice stay. Our room had a fireplace and wasn't decorated with a cheesy theme. 

The best part was sleeping in with no Beckham to wake us up and having breakfast brought to us. It made for a very relaxing and wonderful getaway. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wonderful California

Last week we had a wonderful get away to California. We left Tuesday night and came home Friday afternoon. Way too fast, but we are sure glad we were able to go. 

 Overall Beckham did great on the flight. The only other time he has flown was when he was 6 weeks old to Chicago. He didn't have any melt downs, but it did require constant entertainment. 

 Our first day we went to Knott's Berry Farm. Doug's sister Brooke was there with her cute kids and they all had a fabulous time. Beckham was able to go on a bunch of different rides and he would get the cutest smile while they were going.

 This little ride was my favorite because you have to pump yourself around the track and he kept pumping away and looked so dang cute doing it. We made sure to put his boots on so they would give him a little extra height for the ride requirements and it worked great. 
 Napping wasn't the easiest in the park and he kept peaking his head out the back of the stroller and crying because we wouldn't let him out. Luckily Brooke is the baby whisperer and got him to finally fall asleep. 

 And I'm pretty sure some of the rides Doug enjoyed way more than the kids...

Everyone but myself and the two youngest kids went on the water rapids ride at the very end and got WET, so they were very ready to head home. I love this picture because poor Austin looks so miserable, cold, and wet and we were trying to get a picture with all the kids. My favorite line was Brooke telling her "smile and look like you are having fun" What we parents make our kids do! :)