Friday, December 21, 2012

A Great November

November was a wonderful month for us. We were able to do a lot of fun things together. Here is a little recap of the month:
 We learned that Beckham loves cotton candy and we also learned that it is REALLY sticky...Doug's hair got the brunt of the stickiness. 
 We took many trips to the park, even though it was pretty cold. This boy loves slides. 

 We found out we are having a little girl in May. We are so excited to have a boy and girl. Everything is going well so far and we feel extremely blessed. 
 Had a nice visit from our old neighbors the Reichert's. We miss them and can only hope that Beckham will some day marry their little girl Sienna. They were really cute together and tolerated all the pictures we took of them together. 
 Doug had to work on Thanksgiving, so we stopped by to visit him. I had Thanksgiving with Doug's family at his grandma's house and it was a great meal and wonderful company. 
 Our tree ornaments have slowly worked their way higher and higher on the tree since Beckham thinks they are balls and loves to throw them around the house.
 We had a wonderful evening walking around temple square with my family. The lights were beautiful and it wasn't too cold. 
Doug's work had a "Novembeard" contest and he grew quite the beard. The prize was $100 to Chef's Table and he only lost it by 2 points. 

 And for your enjoyment here is a few pictures of Beckham trying to kiss the little girl statue. He kept climbing his way up and laying them on her over and over again. 


Brenda said...

Love the pics and the people in them!

Kylie said...

So fun! You will love having a little girl. They are oh so fun!

Jeff and Kira said...

That is a great November! You guys are fantastic! So excited for you to have a little girl in May! :)

Autumn Nilsson said...

Love it! So exciting for a girl! They are fun :)