Monday, November 12, 2012


To say we had a good time on our trip last month to California would be an understatement! We loved seeing all our family. We were spoiled by Doug's grandparents, Mamal and Papal. Beckham LOVED their house and couldn't get enough of their swing in the living room and the rocking horse. 

 We went to Oceanside to visit my old roommate Whitney and her cute family. She has two boys and one on the way. This was Beckham's first time at the beach and he did really good. Once he fell all the way in the water he was cold and done, but until that point he enjoyed it. 

 Beckham fits right in with Whitney's blonde boys

 He did pretty good on the car trip thanks to lots of different forms of entertainment. I think our longest stretch of crying was only 30 minutes or so... not too bad. 
We went to LA's children museum for a morning and we were all entertained thoroughly. They had really cute things for the kids to dress up as. I tried so hard to get some good pictures of Beckham, but he was literally running the entire time. He had such a great time. 

Doug had an equally good time playing the kids water flow thing

For sure his favorite thing was this little shopping cart. He filled it FULL  and ran around the whole bottom floor for over 45 minutes. It would tip over on him occasionally and he would quickly fill it back up and keep running around. 
While not paying attention to our little backseat passenger he got a sharpie and colored all over his eyelid and on his face. I know, we are awesome parents :)
It was so great to visit with Mamal and Papal. What kind and wonderful people they are. Beckham absolutely loved them. I loved the new dinosaur decoration on their wall. It cracked me up. Mamal didn't like the dinosaur's red eye, so she cut an eye out of a magazine and covered it up. I love them so much!


Brenda said...

Love the pictures!!!!

Rebecca Sommers said...

sounds like so much fun! that is so funny that mamal put up that dinosaur, i love it!