Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Happenings

Today I finally felt some relief from the heat and it made me happy, but also a little sad. I have enjoyed summers, but I welcome the cool breezes! Here are some pictures of our summer. I felt like summer went really fast this year. I can't believe we are already into the second week of September now. 
 I think Beckham looks so cute when he is all dressed up for church. Such a stud!
 We went to Bear Lake for the Sommer's family reunion and had a fantastic time. We went on a nice hike...up a dirt road. I tried tying Beckham to my back because we didn't have a baby carrier, but it only worked for 10 minutes. So we put him on our shoulders, but that got old pretty quick too. Thankfully Uncle Shane headed back to the house early and took Beckham along with him. 
 When we got back this is how we found him...sipping on some soda. He was happy as a clam!
 I LOVE putting a bunch of babies in the bath tub. I think it is so cute. Poor Lily was the only girl, but a great sport. 
 Enjoyed lots of vegies
 We loved having lots of family in town. Beckham really enjoyed all his cousins. I love his face in this nothings going on, with all the chaos around him.

 And lastly, we placed sod in our backyard and it looks amazing. I will have to take an after picture to show it off. So lush and green! Doug worked like a little horse pulling a chain-link fence around to level the ground. We were so thankful for all those that came to help us lay it. We have wonderful family and friends. 

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Brenda said...

Great pics and great looking backyard! (And great looking family, etc. etc.)