Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most Productive Day Ever!!!

So today was a great day. This whole week I have been plagued by a stomach bug, but today I felt 100% again. So I ran with it! Here is a list of all that Beckham and I accomplished today:

*Mowed and watered the lawn
*We got our car fixed and had a nice old man shuttle us to and from our house
*While waiting for the car to get fixed we tackled the house and did some deep cleaning. And I'm talking DEEP cleaning. It felt great.
*We ran a lot of errands, including a stop at the party store Zurchers. Which is now probably Beckham's favorite store ever! There is a ton of fun stuff in there.
*Made a delicious chicken taco dinner. Doug grilled the chicken on the BBQ and it was so good. Plus it meant our house wasn't 100 degrees from cooking it on the stove.
*AND last, but definitely not least.... I made a quilt! Oh yeah, no big deal, just whipped it up at quilt night. I have an awesome mother-in-law who got me motivated to make a baby quilt for my friend Sarah that is having a little girl. She let me use her cute extra fabric and we had a great time whipping it up. I am amazed at how fast it went and it turned out super cute. All props go to my mother-on-law Brenda! She is the best!
*Now lets just add blogging to that list too!

 He really enjoyed trying on all the different hats, even the girly ones. 

Hope you are all enjoying the summer as much as we are. Doug just finished his summer pathophysiology class and I'm excited to see him a little more. And other great news is that next Saturday we are putting a sprinkler system in, so that should be exciting.

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Brenda said...

You are so cute, you did accomplish a ton yesterday!! Doug is probably exhausted - haha. You did a great job on that quilt, Sarah will love it!