Wednesday, May 16, 2012


To celebrate Doug becoming an RN we went on a fabulous trip to Orlando Florida. It was Doug's first time and he loved it. We used Shane's (my brother in law) buddy passes to fly there and that was an adventure...Shane flew with us to help us get there quicker and he stayed and played at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 
They had the most delicious butter beer you could imagine. After a hot day in lines and rides we stopped by the three broom sticks to sit and sip down the fantastic drink.

This is a crapy picture of a great story. They have a wand shop(Ollivanders) and they choose one person out of the crowd to come and pick out a wand just for them. After the first time we went in Doug and Shane were determined to be picked. So we got in line again with hopes that they could be the special person. I really could care less, but they were sure excited. We even made a bet that if one of did get picked then the other two had to buy them the wand that was picked for them. Well the trick was acting REALLY excited to be in the shop and that is just what I did. I played it up really well and guess who got picked? Yep, I sure did. Those two boys couldn't believe it. 

 The dueling brothers

Doug met a celebrity bird from Pirates of the Caribbean. 
 On Sunday after church and nice long nap we toured around a couple of the disney hotels. They were awesome and some day we will stay at them when we are billionaires :) We walked around a nice pier and roasted marshmallows on the beach. It was fabulous acting like we were staying at the hotel and getting all the perks.
These little worker birds were all over the disney pier and beach. Doug and I were talking about how nice the area was and not dirty at all. The birds were picking up little pieces of trash and flying off with them. I looked at these two and said, "Doug! That is amazing! These little birds work for Disney. They have little name tags! I am sure they are trained to clean up the area." I sure didn't think he would believe me, but he looked over quickly in amazement, searching for their name tags. Priceless! 

 Doug got picked to be in a few things around Universal Studios. First, he was in a stunt show type thing where they filmed you doing little skits and then put the clips into a bigger disaster clip. He was a scientist with rocks falling on him. The next thing that he got to do was be on fear factor.
 I sadly didn't get any pictures of him all suited up, but this was the set where they did their challenges. He had to try out 90 minutes before the show and he was one of 6 choosen. They took him in the back and suited him up in a spandex suit and harness. The first challenge was to hang high in the sky and the first two to fall were out. Sadly Doug was the second one to fall. He blames the blasted hot and humid Florida weather causing extra sweaty hands. It was so fun to see him in it. Defiantly one of my highlights from the trip.

 This poor girl had her brother spin a wheel and it said what creature was going to be put in the box. Doug really wanted me to do this part, but luckily I didn't have photo ID on me, so I was spared. One of the options on the wheel was a snake, so I'm extremely thankful I didn't have my ID.

 We spent a day at the fabulous Clearwater beach on the gulf of Mexico. Doug was slightly disappointed at the small waves coming in, but I loved it. We both got bad sunburns, but it was worth it.

 We loved animal kingdom park. They had a great safari ride and an awesome gorilla area with over 15 gorillas. They even had a little baby gorilla that was adorable.
 Do you see the man on the motorized scooter next to Doug? These scooter are EVERYWHERE in the parks. Next time we are totally renting them!
 And yes, those awesome sketches you see were drawn by Doug and myself. They had an animation tutorial and we were quite pleased with how ours turned out.

 Ecot had tons of characters made out of plants and the details were unreal. We saw a couple get engaged at Epcot and that was pretty exciting. I also saw two snakes there, which really put a damper on the Japan area.
We missed this little guy so much while we were gone. Our wonderful parents watched him while we were gone and I'm sure he was in heaven getting spoiled. We sure loved seeing him again after 8 days.


Clancy and Katie Black said...

Oh man what an AWESOME trip!!!! Seriously looks like it was so much fun and so many good memories. I'm also sad that Harry Potter stuff wasn't there when we went I guess that means I'll have to go back again. Glad your back home to your boy!

M.C. Sommers said...

You guys really lived it up! Just reading this post makes me tired. I think you should enlarge the photo of you on Doug's shoulder under the dinosaur and hang it in your home somewhere.

Also, did they buy you you wand?

Brenda said...

Fun times! So glad you posted all the fun pics!