Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warning...not for the weak ones!

Doug is finishing up a good part of his nursing degree this April. So this now means that all the little things he was taught in school he will have to actually do... on real people... not on dummies. This can be a little frightening because real people are scary to practice your newly found skills on. To help Doug and some of his fellow classmates we had an IV party at our house last week. 
 Doug has slowly been collecting IV's from work that are expired(who cares about expiration dates anyway, I mean it's only going inside your vein) and also collecting other supplies that the hospital couldn't use, but we sure could. 
 We gathered in our kitchen and started wrapping tourniquets and poking around. And I mean POKING around. It pained me to see how long some of the people would keep searching for a vein on their very patient fellow nursing student. I even let Doug try a poke on me and he got it perfectly. 

 Everyone had a good time and I am proud to say that everyone left our house with at least 1 successful IV start. There are some good nurses headed out into the medical world come April, lets just hope if you need an IV started you get one of Doug's friends that is a little more skilled after our get together. :)


Brenda said...

You guys are so brave! I am glad I was not invited!

Ali said...


slimeytoeheadtwins said...

this make me seriously nauseous. the reason i never became a nurse.