Thursday, November 3, 2011

We finally got Beckham to sleep through the night, all he needed was a little company in his crib. We started having Bow sleep with him and he does so well now. OK, just kidding...we just thought this was a good photo opportunity.
On a VERY cold day last week I went to Cornbelly's with some girls from work. It was fun, but probably better with a little older kids. Beckham and I still had a good time though.

He really does like slides, so he slid down this one about 100+ times. (I counted that as my workout for the day)

Doug and I are just loving this little boy so much. He is getting quite the personality and becoming a lot more interactive. He crawls around like it's going out of style and loves pulling himself up onto things. He recently developed the love of biting his mother on the shoulder/arm...but never bites anybody else. I must admit I flicked him really good yesterday and he cried and cried, but I have not been bitten since. He is now 9 months old and we just can't get enough of him!


Jeff and Kira said...

Whoever made that hat Beckham is wearing could seriously use the second to last picture in an ad for it! He is SO cute! Love those blue eyes!

Brenda said...

I miss that boy!