Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things Beckham loves:

He loves to stand up and look outside our kitchen window. While looking, he enjoys chewing on the cords to the curtains, who wouldn't?

Anytime we open the dishwasher, he bolts towards it. He enjoys climbing on it and pulling the silverware out onto the floor.

Crawling around the clothing racks while at the store is always a fun time.
He enjoys climbing around the toilet (not the most sanitary... i know) and flushing it time and time again.

His first time in the hot tub
climbing on just about anything he can
Whenever I try to take a picture he crawls ferociously towards the camera and tries to grab it from me. We have a lot of up close shots of this sweet little boy because of this.

He really likes climbing tall walls. He is quite the dare devil already.

When he visits me at work he passes the time by swinging on the IV poles.

The XD theater at trafalga is especially entertaining for his young eyes.


Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

He is so so precious!

Brenda said...

Don't forget, he loves his Grandma (Hahaha) Maybe I just love HIM so much - he is wonderful-ness!

Heidi Lamb said...

He's adorable and quite an accomplished young driver, hot-tubber, and climber already.

Shaylin said...

Oh he is just darling! And so adventurous! I love it!

Clancy and Katie Black said...

Oh man I miss you guys! He is so cute, he and mags would have fun exploring together!

Kristin and Joel said...

haha, these are some great pictures! So cute!

slimeytoeheadtwins said...

ADORABLE!!! i wish we lived in utah so we could stalk you and steal your son from time to time. he's a busy little guy! my kids LOVED the dishwasher too, mostly annoying, haha. we only did dishes after they went to bed. i miss you more than i can say, but i'm glad it looks like you're doing great! love you darling.