Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonderful AZ

We got back last night from a great trip to Arizona for my sister Alyson's wedding. I am so excited that she and Brett finally tied the knot! He is a great guy and I am excited to have him in our family. Here is Beckham all ready to go on the trip...
After this trip Beckham has now been to Illinois, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona! All before 3 months old...what a traveler!
We spent a few days baking and cooking for the wedding. My talented sister Shannon made the wedding cake and it looked awesome. She even gave me a lesson on cake decorating, which I will hopefully put to use some time soon.

The weather in Phoenix was great...85-90 we took advantage of the sun and went swimming. Beckham really enjoyed the water and looked so cute in his swimming suit. (Thanks to my sister-in-law Candice for letting us use the swim trunks and for letting us overwhelm her house with all the family in town.)

I went down a week before with my mom and two nieces to spend some time with my Grandpa Hall. I love him and get a kick out of hearing all his stories. He is a lot of fun to visit with.
We also got to visit with Doug's great grandmother. She is so sweet and I really enjoyed meeting her for the first time. I also got to meet his great aunt Linda and her kids. They are all so nice.
I didn't take any pictures of the wedding because I was too busy visiting, dancing, and eating delicious food, but here is one I was able to get my hands on. It was such a fun night and everything went perfectly. Aly looked great and the weather couldn't have been better.


Brenda said...

So fun to see the pics! I was sad I had to run out last night- hope we can catch up soon!

Clancy and Katie Black said...

Aly looks beautiful! What a fun trip. You are such an amazing mom taking your baby on all these trips!

Brenda said...

I just keep popping over here to see pics of that amazingly sweet baby!

slimeytoeheadtwins said...

so awesome! i think beckham needs to visit washington d.c. before he turns 4 months. haha. love your guts!