Thursday, March 24, 2011


The three of us had a wonderful trip to Chicago last week to visit our dear friends Ali and Vance. I was a little worried to go with a 6 week old, but it was the only time that Doug and I both had work off and it was Doug's spring break. The trip ended up working out perfectly and we had a great time.
Sleeping is what Beckham did the most on the flights. Doug and I realized that flying with a baby gives you VIP treatment. We went to the front of all lines and got great seats on the plane.
We went to the museum of science and industry and it had some awesome things to see and do. I think it could entertain any age for quite some time.
Our first night we decided to eat at hot doug's to get the true taste of the Chicago hot dog. Well after traveling for a while we arrived only to find it closed at 7 pm. That led us onward to a delicious little corner shop that had amazing roast beef sandwiches...good enough to be on the food network.

We took a chilling walk down Michigan avenue to the giant silver bean... Doug and I had never heard/seen it before, but it was quite the tourist attraction. It was pretty cool to see the reflection of all the tall buildings in it.

Vance doing a great job pushing Beckham. Beckham was a very good traveler. I just realized that we don't have any pictures of him outside of his car seat because he was always to content we didn't want to ruin a good thing. Also, it was pretty cold outside and we wanted to keep him as bundled as possible.

On our way home we had a pit stop in California for the night to visit Doug's family. We loved seeing his two aunts, cousins, and grandma and grandpa. I really wish we could have spent a few days visiting, but it was only a grand total of 12 hours in CA before our flight left for UT.


Becca said...

looks like so much fun! That stroller is A-mazing!!! my sister has it and I envy it everytime I am going around with my double wide stroller and she has all 3 of her kids on that narrow thing. it's fantastic.

you guys are so cute, and I love LOVE your baby announcement. haha, too cute!

slimeytoeheadtwins said...

glad you had fun in chicago, but now you need to make your way out to washington d.c. we will have a blast! even if beckham sleeps the whole time. glad to see you are doing well! and yes, i LOVED the announcement too! you are so stinkin creative! love you to pieces steeze face!

julie and john said...

I loved the photo of little Beckham all buckled up for the flight. You two are so smart. I've flown plenty with both of my babies and NEVER thought to do that!!

Brenda said...

That was so cute to see that little boy buckled in his seatbelt on the plane! Glad you shared the pics - looks like lots of fun.

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