Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Salmon River 2010

Doug and I had the most wonderful vacation ever last week. We went on a whitewater rafting trip for 5 days on the Salmon River, in the great state of Idaho. My friend Alison and her husband Vance worked a few trips this summer as guides, so we decided to join them for the fun and good company. I have been down the river two times before, but this was Doug's first time and he had a great time. We spent each day floating down the river and at night we camped on beaches along the river. Ali and Vance have some serious skills. They knew all the rapids and were legit river guides. It was fun to see them in action. Ali must have some serious arm muscles from rowing each day down the river. We traveled around 80-90 miles total and went through some pretty fun rapids.
These wonderfully dressed men washed all the guests hair. They spoke in great Russian accents and were pretty funny to listen to. After a few days on the river it really feels nice to get your hair washed.

There is a great activity called body womping that we tried out...well Doug tried it out. You run from the beach and jump on the upside down raft into the water. As you jump on the raft, the people on the side pull it up so you are launched into the river. I attempted my very first video on the blog, so if it works you can view one of Doug's runs.

The last night we all dressed up for dinner and then had a variety show. Doug surprisingly enough picked this outfit out all by himself and proudly wore it all night long. Below is our tent that Vance so kindly wrote our name in cursive on...making us feel oh so special.

The group that went was pretty fun. There were only 8 official guests and the rest included friends like Doug and I, other guides, guides in training and so on. A good group for sure.

The last day on the river was a shorter day, so I thought it would be fun to go on the 2 person inflatable kayak with Doug. We got going down the river and I soon realized that we had 3 big rapids to get through. Doug was thrilled and I was too, but a little nervous as well. So we got through #1 perfectly, but #2 and #3 were another story. On rapid #2, "chittum" we went over the rapid and Doug fell out of the kayak. I had no idea he had fallen out and no idea he was below the kayak getting recirculated by the rapid. Once I realized that I was the lone person in the kayak and started paddling out of the rapids trying to see him and then he popped right up! That was a big relief. I thought of a good shirt idea to sell after the rapid "chittum". It would say " I shit 'em in chittum" Doug thinks he did actually do that.
Then rapid #3 came along and we went a little too far right and hit a good set of rapid that knocked us both out the kayak. Doug kept coming up right under me and then he would try and push me out of the way to he could get some air. This was all while we are going through a bunch of other smaller whitewater. It was pretty exciting, cold, and enough for me for the day!


Jeff and Kira said...

Wow sounds like you guys had so much fun! I'm a little jealous. And I thoroughly enjoyed the stories of you and Doug falling out of the kayak and your t-shirt idea. You are so funny!

Clancy and Katie Black said...

What a great trip. I think that Vance has very good cursive skills and I almost gagged a little when I saw dougs swimsuit outfit :)
love you guys.