Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is the place park

All my family went up a few weeks ago to the "This is the Place" state park. It is full of Pioneer houses, a school house, horses, and a lot of other pioneer buildings. We had a great time, even though it felt like 115 degrees (they wanted to keep it real authentic by having no AC in any of the buildings while you walked around).
This is a very important picture of Bow for two reasons. First, it shows just how hot it was because Bow is actually walking in water...a first in his two years of life. He avoids getting into water at all costs. Second it is important to document that I was able to sneak him into the park and have him walking around with us all day without anyone kicking him out.

I assumed you could have pets there because it's all outside, but when I got there I found out no pets allowed. So I tried having my nephew Preston act like he was autistic so we could say he was a service animal...Preston just couldn't quite pull it off. Then I figured we could just say he was a service animal in training. But I still haven't made the fake service animal jacket for him, so I knew that wouldn't fly. I also got a few integrity and honesty lessons from various nieces and nephews..."You will be held accountable for your lying Aunt Tricia"... that doesn't feel very good to hear. :) So I told them we would just walk right through the entrance with him and if they said anything to me I would take him out. The girl at the gate was cleverly distracted by myself, while my dad slipped right by with the Bow Dizzle. Mission accomplished!

Already at a young age Beckham was being disruptive in class...what will do when he really has to go to school....

Doug and I love getting funny pictures of Beckham doing every day things. I thought washing clothes would be a great one for the collection! It was going well until Beckham took a nose-dive for the washer. He wasn't very happy with me for a few seconds after.
And as you can see by his face, he was even more angry with me when I actually made him finish his work and hang the cloth up to dry. I just really believe in teaching him to finish a job no matter what! :) It's never too young to teach a kid to work!

We also did a nice hike up Ensign Peak where Brigham Young hiked up to plot where the temple was going to be. There was really neat stories and history my dad was able to tell us at the top of the hike that I had never heard before. I really have a lot of respect and admiration for the Pioneers and all that they did in their lives for the church to move forward. I also love hearing my dad spout off stories, facts, and timeline of the Pioneers. It is fascinating to me all that he knows. My mom was a trooper and made it up the mountain. Beckham absolutely loved the hike.


Brenda said...

I always think that sweet boy is so tiny, but when I see him hanging in the back on you, he looks HUGE! I think he misses me, you'd better come for a visit soon.

Brenda said...

(Hanging in the PACK)

slimeytoeheadtwins said...

tricia, this post made me miss you a million times more than i already do. i hope your life is wonderful. i think of you often and i still can't wait to meet your little man. have a great week! love your guts.