Tuesday, December 7, 2010

McD's Thanksgiving

My Aunt Barbara was in charge of Thanksgiving this year for my dad's side of the family. When she is in charge, it means that we have Thanksgiving dinner at McDonalds. Yes, I wrote it correctly, at McDonalds. Lucky for me, it doesn't mean having to eat McDonald's food. It means that everyone still brings all the delicious traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, salads, rolls and much more. But in addition to that good food there is unlimited fountain drinks, ice cream cones and mcflurries.
There is also a great play place for the younger kids to play. This was Doug's first experience with a McDonald's Thanksgiving and he was very excited about all the free ice cream he wanted. He became the expert at the mcflurry machine and helped many with their creations. All the nieces and nephews were also locked in the -10 degree freezer by Doug. He even helped them put on the drive thru headsets, until my Uncle Clark came and informed them that each headset was $1,000 and they were not toys. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving full of good food, fun, and visiting with family.

My mom is always in charge of pies because her pies are the best. So the night before all my sisters gathered at my parents house and we made over 15 pies... they were delicious.


Heidi Lamb said...

That is sooo fun! And you two are adorable!

Terril Family said...

That is hilarious! I'm kinda sorta jealous!