Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Basement

Our dear cousins and friends Kira, Jeff, and their cute baby Luke moved away to Arizona and our basement was left vacant...for an entire week. During that week Doug and I kept very busy doing a lot of improvements (sorry that we waited until you moved out Kira...didn't want to bother you too much!)

We got the door replaced and it actually opens and closes very easily now. Plus it looks much nicer.

We replaced the kitchen floor with the help of Doug's dad. It took Doug, his dad, and myself a Saturday morning/afternoon to complete it and it made a big difference.

We painted the bedroom and bathroom and repaired a big hole in the wall. A funny side note about picking paint colors. I am not the best at making decisions and paint is not an exception. I pick up a million sample colors, then compare, then buy a few different sample cans to try on the wall. It is a big ordeal. Well I was working and Doug informed me that he was going to be 100% in charge of the bedroom paint color. I really didn't care because I don't have to live down there, so even if he chose a horrible color, I never had to see it. Well he went to Lowe's and this was the first color he saw, he liked it, he bought it and he came home and painted it. I really like the color and think he did an excellent job. He is much better at paint picking than myself.

Doug cleaned the carpets with my parents carpet cleaner. It is very handy to have a free carpet cleaner on hand whenever needed. I tried a few lines and felt that Doug enjoyed the job much more than I did, so he took it over for the rest of the time.

When we replaced our floor upstairs we found some funny things hidden between layers of flooring (and old dried cucumber and a bandaid). Well downstairs was no exception. I took a vent off to clean it and I found a very old record hidden away. It was "The Night Before Christmas" and very dusty. We cleaned it off really good and then decided to put it back where we found it, for someone else to enjoy finding.


Clancy and Katie Black said...

Man you guys are turning into the remodeling crew. I hope we live around here when we buy a house, we'll know who to get all the tips from.
And- Great job with the paint doug, I'm like tricia and overthink stuff way too much!

Jeff and Kira said...

Looks great! We really miss you guys! I hear you're having a boy! So exciting! Can't wait to meet him! Hope you're feeling good.