Monday, March 15, 2010

Sarah's a Married Women!

Our past weekend was pretty fun, my friend Sarah got married to Jordan Gillespie. She had a beautiful wedding, with lots of good food. We went up to SLC for her wedding in the SLC temple, but weather was we took all the pictures in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Here is Doug and I, passing the time between all the pictures.

It really was so cold and snowy...this picture gives you a little idea. Also, if you look close at the picture, you will notice that Doug has a green cast on his right hand. This is a funny story. Three or more months ago Doug fell while longboarding and hurt his wrist. It got a lot better in a few days, so neither of us thought it was broken, just a sprain. Although, over the past three months it has continued to always bother Doug a little. So we finally got it xray'd and he did in fact break his wrist. The doctor said it was the worst bone to break because it is known for not healing. We were so lucky because Doug ended up not needing surgery, just a cast for 6 wks. He is getting really good at writing with it and he has recruited everyone to sign it. Only two more weeks and its off!

It was fun to see friends at the reception. I love Doug's face in this picture, he looks quite excited.


Brenda said...

Cute, fun pics, even though I still can't believe that Sarah didn't get married on Jan. 2!

Beckstrom Family said...

Such fun pictures! We were so sad that we couldn't make it.

Hunter Family said...

Looks like fun. Cute pictures.:)

Becca said...

hey hey! I am now an official stalker of your blog. It's been added to my blog list. Haha. Your posts are so cute and funny. Like your dog's cone of shame for exmaple. LOVE it.

oh and Thanks for your help with the reunion. we will def. get that 80 back to you.

Aly said...

Regarding your picture... Hope this helps!!