Friday, December 11, 2009

The Wild Side

You better believe it...we are owners of a snuggie. Doug got it for me, mainly as a joke because I am always cold. But now he enjoys more than anyone. If you have that yearning for the snuggie, feel free to stop on by and try it out!

We have loved the snow this past week. Doug was kind enough to do the snow shoveling...along with his little wolf hat. I hate this hat, but he loves it and claims it keeps his head very warm.

Our Christmas lights were the first ones up on our street because we were a little too excited for Christmas to come this year. Doug did a great job putting them up.

We have been dehydrating apples lately and Doug is so great to help with the work. Doug, Shane and Davey LOVE the apples, but they don't know when to stop eating them. I think they learned their lesson last time they ate too much...apples make the bowels move a little quicker if you know what I mean.


Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

LOL you guys are way too awesome!!! Hope to see you tonight.

Brenda said...

LOVE the wolf hat - ha ha ha ha!

Rachael Thomas said...

that hat makes me sad. That's my favorite animal.. awwwww :( I saw some snuggies at the store for dogs. I'm a little tempted to buy for my Mowgli

Jeff and Kira said...

haha that wolf hat is ridiculous! And thanks so much for always shoveling our stairs too! You guys are the best!

julie and john said...

I love you guys! I love the hat and the snuggie. I really am jealous of that snuggie!!

I didn't know you joined the bichon club?! Amy is going to be so jealous, thats what she wants for christmas! Let's just hope your bichon doesn't turn out like Bear!!

Josh and Jackie said...

Hey I saw your blog off of Katies!!! Your family looks super cute.Jackie Johnson(Boot)