Friday, October 2, 2009

One Quick AZ Trip

We had a Hall family reunion (my mom's side of the family) in Arizona last weekend. 13 of us went down to AZ from UT and it was quite the drive. The weather was hot...and when we got back to UT it was freezing. I actually thought for a brief moment that living in AZ could possibly be a possibility.
We went to an AZ Diamondbacks game and they played the Padres. It was a great game and a lot of fun with Aly and all the nieces and nephews. I have such a wonderful sister Aly and it was great to see her for a couple of days.

We only wish our seats were this close to the field. After the game was over and we were able to make it down from our top row seats and get a good look at the field. My brother Steven was so kind to treat us all to the game, what a great brother!

I think I have a wonderful and very handsome husband...

My cousin Andy roasted a real pig for the reunion food...this picture looks horrible, but the meat was really good. My sister Kristene just loves picking at things, and this pig was no exception. Doug just loved getting pictures of her picking away at the animal. I was to grossed out.

I was able to take a quick picture by the head (I am still wondering why they had to bring this part) It was really gross. That cute baby I am holding is my niece Joelle who is now 2 months old. She was blessed on the Sunday that we were all down there and it was great to be there for that.

My wonderful Grandpa Hall came to the reunion and I loved being able to see him. He definitely doesn't know who Doug is because Doug came into the picture after my Grandpa lost his short term memory. I think it's really funny to get questioned by my grandpa about this strange man who I am with.


Hunter Family said...

So I just ate like 5 fruit roll ups and that picture of the pig almost made them come back up.

Amy D. Hall Riter said...

I'm so sad I missed you all! :( Please come again. Just move here.

Ali said...


(and Vance misses Doug:)