Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Times with the DS-i

Doug loves playing with his new Nintendo DS-i and here some of the funny pictures you can take with it. We haven't been doing much more than school and work lately, so there hasn't been much to post this is making me feel a little better about keeping current on the blog.

Doug and I have now been married for over 7 doesn't seem that long at all. But don't they say that you start to look like your spouse? I guess this picture is living truth.
Austin loves taking pictures on the DS-i...even when it makes her a pig.

Doug has been in school at UVU since we were married. This summer has been especially crazy for him. He took an anatomy class during a block, so it was extremely condensed. I have been amazed at the amount of time and effort he has had to put towards that class. I am so impressed with how much he can do each day and still be happy when he comes home. And it seems as though his brain is actually growing in size! What a great man I was able to marry!

He is so happy that in only one more week this summer semester will be over and he will have a 10 day break before the fall semester starts. Another exciting thing is that Doug officially applied for UVU's nursing program and we should find out if he got in by December. It seems like way too long to wait...but we will be patient. If he does get into their program, he would start in January.

The many colored faces of Shane...

Katrina trying out the different things you can do with the DS-i while
we were visiting family in California.
The first thing that attracted Doug to me was definitely his luscious lips!

I guess it's not true that you grow to resemble your spouse because Doug's parents have been married over 25 years and they were less related than Doug and I were. :)


Jeff and Kira said...

hahaha this was very entertaining :)

Brenda said...

Did I mention that I love you two?

randy n michele said...

That was fun!! you two are so cute..

Danica said...

That looks so fun! Good job Doug, we hope you get in!

Hunter Family said...

Those DSI pictures are so creepy! But hey, who does not enjoy the many colors of Shane?