Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4.0 California Trip

I am behind on the blogging, so I was just going to skip this trip...but there were some great pictures and stories, so I couldn't. Doug got a 4.0 (his first ever) this last winter semester at UVU. Because he did so good, we took a celebration vacation to San Diego and Los Angeles area.

Part of Doug's family live in Yorba Linda, CA, so we visited them for a few days. It was very relaxing and wonderful to see everyone. His aunts, uncles, and grandparents and very welcoming and I sure do love them. Because we were in the LA area, I decided to fulfill my lifetime dream and go to the Price Is Right game show. Sadly, this picture is the best I could get because they take your cameras from you. It was so fun to see the filming, even though Doug and I didn't get called up on stage.

The San Diego temple was a wonderful experience. I was amazed at how large it was.

Doug loved the gorilla's... as you can see.

They had the most horrible reptile house that Doug made me go through. I have never seen so many snakes in my entire life and I finally had to run out because it was just too much for me.

Our favorite part of the zoo was this polar bear because he was so active. He was jumping off rocks into the water, swimming all around, and enjoying his femur bone snack!

I kept trying to lure the animals with my leafy greens. Some got really close to me because of it, but others, like this llama, didn't care at all.

A nice photo with one rhino sniffing another ones bottom...

The things they did with dolphins and seals at Sea World was amazing.

Doug, me, and Davey after going the Shamu show. Doug and Davey insisted that we sit in the "splash" zone. I didn't think we would get that wet, and I was 100% wrong. We were soaked.

This may look like an innocent animal...don't believe it. It was soak hundreds of people in seconds. My favorite part was when the trainer stood on the nose and it shot the trainer into the air. What a great job that would be.
Sea World was wonderful and very entertaining. As we were leaving a debate started about if Shamu is still alive or not. I hate to break it to all Shamu lovers, but Shamu is dead. This news was broken to us very matter-of-factly by the janitor at Sea World.


Brenda said...

Fun trip! I didn't even know that Doug got a 4.0 - congrats!!!

Heidi said...

Love the pictures and love you guys! It was so great to see you :)

Aly said...

Awe... I miss you two! I recorded the price is right episode and watched it again- I love how excited Doug was when he told the chica to spin again! It was sure good to see you and it won't be long till I get to see you again! I think we should learn the electric slide before duck creek and perform together for a talent show!!!! deal?

Hunter Family said...

You guys crack me up! I love the leafy greens lure. Though at most zoos they say "don't feed the animals" Hmmm.