Monday, April 13, 2009

Reception Fun

I can't figure out how to rearrange the pictures in order, so they are a little out of order and sequence. We had our reception at the White Willow Reception Center, it was wonderful!
My old roommate Kira caught the bouquet and she is now engaged to be married. Maybe it is true that whoever catches it will be the next to be married...

Before we cut the cake my dad told me to not stuff the cake in Doug's face...Sorry dad.

I love this picture so much. These are great friends from BYU-Idaho.
Wes, Megan, Griffith, and Catherine.

Doug's brother Shane kept putting his sparkler right in my face and I was so scared to pass him. Luckily we were able to escape.

My nephews Braden and Preston enjoying the sparklers.

They did a great job of decorating the outside and inside of our car. It was also snowing a lot when we left so after a mile of driving we had to pull over and scrape off the snow, toilet paper, and all the other decorations... sorry to the people who had to clean up that parking lot!

We loved having Doug's grandma and grandpa there. They drove all the
way from California for the wedding.

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws. They are so welcoming and loving.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the reception. All my nephews were gathered around my brother Russell checking out his beard. They love and admire his bachelor life.

All of our nieces and nephews...minus Kade because he was not very happy and didn't want his picture taken. I loved getting one picture with all the kids together.

My dear sister Aly. She came up from Arizona with all my other siblings. I loved having them here so much. Thanks!

Ben and Shawn enjoying the delicious cake!

Missy and Aubrey worked at Einsteins with Doug and I. We have known them from the beginning of our relationship and are still good friends.

I love this picture of my parents, they look pretty happy. They are probably pretty happy to finally have an empty house after 8 kids!


Brenda said...

Love the commentary, I will use it in your wedding album! Great comment on the in-laws too! Love you!

randy n michele said...

I am so glad that you have been posting your pitures its fun to look at them. I love the one with you and your nephews and neices..

doug s. said...

this was just so good. i love you baby

Tolman Family said...

What a beautiful reception!

Heidi said...

Tricia, these pictures are gorgeous! Probably because you and Doug are gorgeous :)

Hunter Family said...

Those are some great pictures! And yes I'm sure your parentals are enjoying the empty house. ;)